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Treatment steps
Overview of the 7 steps of treatment

Step 1
First examination: You discuss the possible treatment with the patient, take an imprint of the jaws and possibly make an x-ray or take some pictures.

Step 2
You open a new case on the suissealign website, produce the plaster models of the imprints and send them as well as the x-ray pictures and photos to suissealign.

Step 3
By means of an optical scan suissealign digitalizes the plaster models and the pictures and prepares a detailed treatment plan with a digitalized simulation of the treatment, which can be accessed any time under the case number on the suissealign website.

Step 4
You present the possible virtual result to the patient and redirect any kind of corrections of the patient to suissealign. This is repeated as often as necessary to reach the final agreement.

Step 5
After your confirmation of the treatment plan on the suissealign website, suissealign will produce the full set of aligners and send them to you.

Step 6
You hand over the complete set of aligners to the patient and give him or her the necessary instructions for their use. Regular checks to follow until the end of the treatment.

Step 7
Stabilizing of the achieved treatment results by means of the suissealign Retainer.

The suissealign technology stands for:

• precise planning
• perfect aesthetics
• completely digital and therefore simple handling
• polyvalent use and users
• final result can be viewed before the start of the treatment
• changes of the treatment can be made at any time during the treatment
• shorter time of treatment
• snug fit
• nearly invisible
• extremely transparent and thin material
• cost efficiency

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