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Precise, beautiful and yet fast results

The suissealign system sets a new benchmark when it comes to move teeth quickly yet nearly invisibly by means of flexible plastics applying minimal forces. The effective suissealign system puts dentists with orthodontic experience in a position to treat 80 to 90 per cent of all misplaced teeth of children and adults.
The suissealign principle works in an easy and convincing way. Step by step teeth are moved almost unremarkably and almost invisibly into the right position. This happens by means of various very thin and nearly transparent plastic aligners, that are well aligned as "soft”, "medium” and "hard” aligners.

The outcome of years in researching, developing and analyzing resulted in suissealign. The CAS method developed by ts dent ensures accurate fitting. Experience combined with innovation and precision have made suissealign to one of the most advanced and efficient aligner system of today.

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