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The suissealign retainer

To reach a stabilization of the treatment results the use of a specific suissealign retainer is highly recommended. This retainer should be worn at least once weekly at night. Depending on the intensity of use this retainer should be replaced from time to time. As an option you can produce anytime a Clear aligner with the plastic model of the final result of the treatment which is part of the delivery of the aligner set.

How to use

17 hours of appliance per day (except when eating or drinking hot beverages).

Children (under 14 years):
8 – 10 hours at night. The aligners should be exchanged weekly.

How to clean suissealigners

suissealigners are rinsed with cold water or cleaned with a tooth-brush and a cleaning agent for false teeth. It is optional to use a certified ultrasonic cleanser.


Keep the suissealigners out of reach of small children and pets. Extreme heat and humidity can damage the aligners. Keep the aligners at a cool and dry place. The aligners are not to be worn when you feel uncomfortable. Do not put the aligners in hot or boiling water. Do not use chemical solvents to clean suissealigners. Clean your suissealigner regularly. If necessary clean the suissealigner with 70% isoprophyl alcohol.

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